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March 21 is World Down syndrome Day and in 2023 Julie released her newest super cool collection to celebrate that fantastic 3rd #21 chromosome.  Read on to see the fantastic friend who inspired us! Super soft and super stylish this shirt will help you celebrate our friends with that little EXTRA!


Julie's friend Colby (who "the brother" calls "SECURITY") is proudly showing off his blue 321 shirt, and you talk about STRENGTH?  Colby has Crushed COVID and other difficulties showing why he's really known as SUPER C!

And the lovely "Melissa Emoji" is showing off her guns, AND her yellow version.  GET THIS!  Melissa actually came up with the idea for the whole 321 STRONG line!  We love you Melissa and are so glad you are on our team!

That's right friends, YOU can now get the same shirt that Julie, Super C and Melissa Emoji had before anybody else.  We JUST LOVE you!

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