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Hi friends! My name is Derrick Tennant but most people know me as "Julie's brother"and I LOVE that. There is actually nothing I am more proud of. Julie is nothing short of AMAZING. She has Down Syndrome which is caused by an extra chromosome. Did ya get that? "Extra". I've heard some call it is a disability, but I'm pretty sure it is an UPGRADE. Yup, Julie has more chromosomes than me, and probably you too. Our very wise grandfather said it is not an "extra" chromosome, but you and I are MISSING it. He called it the Love Chromosome. Grampa was pretty smart.

Julie has a way of changing you. Her default is to love. I could tell you stories for days. Lucky for you, Julie worked at one job for 13 years until it went out of business. Finding another job was a struggle that catalyzed a blessing. Through her searching Julie began drawing her thoughts. This lead to the creation of her very first shirt: "I Love My Life". I am blessed to travel with Julie and share her message of Loving Life with countless audience members worldwide. I KNOW! I'm just one lucky guy! We started selling that shirt at events and Julie eventually wanted a new shirt. Now you get "COOL MAN". You'll notice her signature is printed on this second shirt. It seemed Julie just got SO tired signing all those shirts we sold. Yeah, my hand was just fine. Other shirts followed, and more are coming.

As we build this business we are so excited by the way Julie's love can be spread through her designs and her shirts that she told me to tell you are "super soft, and they don't shrink". Sign up for the newsletter, check in and keep up with us. Hopefully we will be in your town soon and we would LOVE to meet you.

Meet Julie